Zoom Shortcuts for Windows, Mac & Linux

General Zoom Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Join MeetingCommand + J 
Start MeetingCommand + Control + V 
Schedule meetingCommand + J 
Share screen via direct shareCommand + Control + S 
Leave meetingCommand + W 

Control your audio and video Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Mute or Unmute audioCommand + Shift + AAlt + A
Mute audio for everyone except the hostCommand + Control + MAlt + M
Unmute audio for everyone except the hostCommand + Control + UAlt + M
Push to talkSpace bar 
Start or Stop videoCommand + Shift + VAlt + V
Switch cameraCommand + Shift + NAlt + N
Start or stop screen shareCommand + Shift + SAlt + Shift + S
Pause or resume screen shareCommand + Shift + TAlt + T

Record the meeting Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Start local recordingCommand + Shift + RAlt + R
Start cloud recordingCommand + Shift + CAlt + C
Pause or resume recordingCommand + Shift + PAlt + P
Take screenshotCommand + TAlt + Shift + T

Control Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
View previous 25 participants in gallery viewControl + PPage Up
View next 25 participants in gallery viewControl + NPage Down
Display or Hide participants panelCommand + UAlt + U
Show or Hide in-meeting chat panelCommand + Shift + HAlt + H
Open invite windowCommand + IAlt + I
Close the current windowCommand + WAlt + F4
Switch to portrait or landscape viewCommand + LAlt + L
Full screen mode on or offCommand + Shift + FAlt + F
Switch to minimal windowCommand + Shift + M 
Show or hide meeting controlsCtrl + Option + Command + HCtrl + Alt + Shift + H

Others Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Raise hand or lower handOption + YAlt + Y
Gain remote controlCtrl + Shift + RAlt + Shift + R
Stop remote controlCtrl + Shift + GAlt + Shift + G
Jump to chat with someoneCommand + KCtrl + T

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