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Download Cheat Sheet on Visual Studio Code Shortcuts. There are many shortcuts that are used in the Visual Studios Code to help its user work fast and more efficiently.

What is Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code is an application basically designed to carry out work in relation to code. This software is basically used by developers to fasten their working speed, improve efficiency and performance. Keyboard Shortcuts of Visual Studio Code can be termed as an alternative way of using the software.

List of Visual Studio Code Shortcuts

Below are the various Visual Studio Code Shortcuts categorized into the following categories: Editing Shortcuts, Navigation Shortcuts, Search and Replace Shortcuts, Language Editing Shortcuts, File Management Shortcuts, Display Shortcuts, and many more. Also, Download all these Shortcuts in PDF.

Editing Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
Move line upAlt + ↑
Move line downAlt + ↓
Copy line upShift + Alt + ↓
Copy line downShift + Alt + ↑
Delete lineCtrl + Shift + K
Insert line belowCtrl + Enter
Insert line aboveCtrl + Shift + Enter
Jump to matching bracketCtrl + Shift +
Indent lineCtrl + ]
Outdent lineCtrl + [
Go to beginning of lineHome
Go to end of lineEnd
Go to beginning of fileCtrl + Home
Go to end of fileCtrl + End
Scroll line upCtrl + ↑
Scroll line downCtrl + ↓
Scroll Page UpAlt + Page Up
Scroll Page DownAlt + Page Down
Collapse regionCtrl + Shift + [
Uncollapse regionCtrl + Shift + ]
Collapse all subregionsCtrl + K then Ctrl + [
Uncollapse all subregionsCtrl + K then Ctrl + ]
Collapse all regionsCtrl + K then Ctrl + 0
Uncollapse all regionsCtrl + K then Ctrl + J
Add line commentCtrl + K then Ctrl + C
Remove line commentCtrl + K then Ctrl + U
Toggle line commentCtrl + /
Toggle block commentShift + Alt + A
Toggle word wrapAlt + Z

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Navigation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Show all symbolsCtrl + T
Go to lineCtrl + G
Go to fileCtrl + P
Go to symbolCtrl + Shift + O
Show problems panelCtrl + Shift + M
Go to next error or warningF8
Go to previous error or warningShift + F8
Navigate editor group historyCtrl + Shift + Tab
Go backAlt + ←
Go forwardAlt + →
Indent lineCtrl + ]
Toggle tab moves focusCtrl + M

General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Show command paletteCtrl + Shift + P
Quick openCtrl + P
New windowCtrl + Shift + N
Close windowCtrl + Shift + W

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Search and Replace Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
FindCtrl + F
ReplaceCtrl + H
Find nextF3
Find previousShift + F3
Select all occurences of find matchAlt + Enter
Add selection to next find matchCtrl + D
Move last selection to next find matchCtrl + K then Ctrl + D

Rich language editing Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Trigger suggestionCtrl + Spacebar
Trigger parameter hintsCtrl + Shift + Spacebar
Emmet expand abbreviationTab
Format documentShift + Alt + F
Format selectionCtrl + K then Ctrl + F
Go to definitionF12
Peek definitionAlt + F12
Open definition to the sideCtrl + K then F12
Quick fixCtrl + .
Show referencesShift + F12
Rename symbolF2
Replace with next valueCtrl + Shift + .
Replace with previous valueCtrl + Shift + ,
Trim trailing whitespaceCtrl + K then Ctrl + X
Change file languageCtrl + K then M

Multi Cursor and Selection Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Insert cursorAlt + Click
Insert cursor aboveCtrl + Alt + ↑
Insert cursor belowCtrl + Alt + ↓
Undo last cursor operationCtrl + U
Insert cursor at end of each lineShift + Alt + I
Select current lineCtrl + I
Select all occurrences of current selectionCtrl + Shift + L
Select all occurrences of current wordCtrl + F2
Expand selectionShift + Alt + →
Shrink selectionShift + Alt + ←

File Management Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
New fileCtrl + N
Open fileCtrl + O
SaveCtrl + S
Save AsCtrl + Shift + S
Save allCtrl + K then S
CloseCtrl + F4
Close allCtrl + K then Ctrl + W
Reopen closed editorCtrl + Shift + T
Keep OpenCtrl + K then Enter
Open nextCtrl + Tab
Open previousCtrl + Shift + Tab

Display Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Toggle full screenF11
Toggle editor layoutShift + Alt + 1
Zoom inCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl + –
Toggle sidebar visibilityCtrl + B
Show explorerCtrl + Shift + E
Show searchCtrl + Shift + F
Show GitCtrl + Shift + G
Show DebugCtrl + Shift + D
Show ExtensionsCtrl + Shift + X
Replace in filesCtrl + Shift + H
Toggle search detailsCtrl + Shift + J
Open new command promptCtrl + Shift + C
Show output panelCtrl + Shift + U
Toggle markdown previewCtrl + Shift + V

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Q. Which Shortcut Key is used to Open and  Close Windows in Visual Studios Code?

To Open New Window > Ctrl + Shift + N

To Close Window > Ctrl + Shift + W

Q. Which Shortcut Key is used to save a file in the Visual Studios Code?

Ctrl + S is the shortcut key that is used to save a file in the Visual Studios Code

Q. What are the shortcut keys used to Zoom in and Zoom out in the Visual Studios Code?

To Zoom in > Ctrl + +

To Zoom out > Ctrl + –

The major reason for using Visual Studio Code is because it is light in weight and open much faster than the other IDEs. If you are already familiar with Android Studio Shortcuts and IntelliJ for Windows Shortcuts then you must include Visual Studio Code in your list. Visual Studio Code a new cross-platform editor, an open-source and available for free has been catching the eye of millions of people. It is one of the most loved code editing software.

Hope you have liked our blog on Visual Studio Code Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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