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Familiarity with Vim shortcuts will help Linux users. Vim editor is a more enhanced version of the venerable VI Editor. The Vim Editor, a cross-platform text editor, is a very lightweight, efficient, highly configurable and powerful tool. The Vim helps you to work with more than one document at a time, and it can do extraordinary things without a mouse.

List of Vim Shortcuts – Vim Cheat sheet – Vim Cheat Sheet PDF

Note that the VIM shortcuts depend upon the mode of the editor. Hence you must check the way first while using the VIM shortcuts.

Below is the list of Vim shortcuts. By mastering a couple of Vim shortcuts, you’ll quickly achieve higher productivity that you’ll with a daily text editor. With this, you will see small improvements in your keyboard commands. Download the Vim shortcuts PDF.


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Yank (Copy) a lineyy
Yank 2 lines2yy
Yank wordyw
yank to end of liney$
Put (paste) the clipboard after cursorp
Put (paste) before cursorP
Delete a linedd
Delete the current worddw
Delete current characterx

Editing Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Change an entire linecc
Change to the end of wordcw
Change to the end of linec$
Delete character at cursors
Transpose two lettersxp
Repeat last command.
Replace a single characterr
Join line below to the current oneJ

Cursor Movement Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Move lefth
Move downj
Move upk
Move rightI
Jump by start of wordsw
Jump by wordsW
Jump by end of wordse
Jump by end of wordsE
Jump backward by wordsb
Jump backward by wordsB
start of line0
First non-blank character of line^
End of line$
Go to commandG
Inserting and Appending textInsert

Visual Mode Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Start visual modev
Move to other end of marked areao
Start linewise visual modeV
Move to other corner of blockO
mark a wordaw
a () blockab
a {} blockaB
Inner () blockib
Inner {} blockiB

Visual Commands Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Shift Right>
Shift Left<
Copy marked texty
Delete marked textd
switch case~

Search and Replace Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Search for pattern/pattern
Search backward for pattern?pattern
Repeat search in the same directionn
Repeat search in the opposite directionN
Replace all old with new throughout the file:%s/old/new/g
Replace all old with new throughout file with a confirmation:%s/old/new/gc

Others shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Edit a file in a new buffer:e filename
Go to Next buffer:bnext
Go to previous buffer:bprev
Delete a buffer:bd
Split windowsCtrl + ws
Switch between windowsCtrl + ww
Quit a windowCtrl + wq
Split windows verticallyCtrl + wv
Save the file:w
Save and Quit:wq

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Vim isn’t easy to learn for all and so it requires you to learn a variety of editor commands. These Vim shortcuts are best suited for people who are programmers, coders, system administrators, and individuals with the streamlined editor.

Vim in today’s world has reached its massive popularity. However, if you wish to see some alternative to Vim shortcuts are: Notepad ++ shortcuts, Visual Studio Code shortcuts, Sublime Text shortcuts.

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