Tips on How to Type French Accents on PC

There are many ways in which you can type in French Accent on a Windows and Mac Keyboard. In this article, I will show you all the French Accent Keyboard Shortcuts.

Some options that you can use for Typing in French are –

Current KeyboardBest Options
English-US keyboard layoutInternational keyboard
English-UK keyboardUK extended keyboard
ALT codesCanadian French keyboard, French keyboard

Typing French Accent on a Mac

On the Basis of your OS, you can choose between –

  • Option key accents
  • KeyCaps
  • Special character palette
  • Setting the language of your OS to French

Type French Accent on PC

There are many different Characters in French Accent and inorder to type those characters you need to use other Codes. On a Windows PC, the codes for typing lower-case letter accents are as follows. Be aware that you have to hold down ALT while typing the code.

French Lower-Case Accent

French CharacterWindows Codes
àALT + 133 or 0224
âALT + 131 or 0226
äALT + 132 or 0228
äALT + 135 or 0231
éALT + 130 or 0233
èALT + 138 or 0233
êALT + 136 or 0234
ëALT + 137 or 0235
îALT + 140 or 0238
ïALT + 139 or 0239
ôALT + 147 or 0244
ùALT + 151 or 0249
ûALT + 150 or 0251
üALT + 129 or 0252

French Upper-Case Accent

French CharacterWindows Codes
ÀALT + 0192
ÂALT + 0194
ÄALT + 142
ÇALT + 128
ÉALT + 144
ÈALT + 0200
ÊALT + 0202
ËALT + 0203
ÎALT + 0206
ÏALT + 0207
ÔALT + 0212
ÙALT + 0217
ÛALT + 0219
ÜALT + 154

Here is an infographic for all the French Accents Codes 

Type French Accents

How to Set your Keyboard to International Format

On Windows 10

  • Head to the Start menu and click Settings.
  • Click on Time & Language.
  • Select Language, which is in the left column.
  • Click on English, then Options.
  • Click on Add a Keyboard, then choose the English (international) option.

On Windows 7

  • Head to Start, type intl.cpl in the Search box and hit the ENTER key.
  • Look for Keyboards and Language, and select Change Keyboards.
  • Select Add.
  • Click English.
  • Expand the Keyboard list, select English (international), and click OK.
  • Under options, select View Layout.
  • Under Default Input Language, select English (international) and click OK.
  • In Regional and Language Options, click OK.
  • Finally, on the desktop’s language bar, click English (international).

How to Type French Accents on International Keyboard 

In the International Keyboard you just need to type one character and the letter it goes over. Lets see how we can type French Accent on International Keyboard.

French CharacterWindows Codes
é‘ + e
à` + a
è` + e
ù` + u
ç‘ + c
â^ + a
ê^ + e
î^ + i
ô^ + o
û^ + u
ë” + e
ï” + i
ü” + u

Here is an Image of an International Keyboard Used for French Accent

International Keyboard

 How to Type French Accent on UK Keyboard

In the UK Keyboard the codes are not the same for French Accent. Lets see the Windows Codes for Typing French Accent in UK Keyboard.

French CharacterWindows Codes
éAltGR + e
à` + a
è` + e
ù` + u
çAltGR + c
âAltGR + ^ + a
êAltGR + ^ + a
îAltGR + ^ + i
ôAltGR + ^ + o
ûAltGR + ^ + u
ëAltGR + ” + e
ïAltGR + ” + i
üAltGR + ” + u

Note: To type capital letters, just use the same codes while holding down SHIFT.

How to Type French Accent on MAC

Things are Quite easier for Mac users because of the simple key combinations that comes pre-configured. Check this out:

French CharacterMAC Codes
éoption + e, then release and type e
çoption + c
àoption + `, then release and type a
èoption + `, then release and type e
ùoption + `, then release and type u
âoption + i, then release and type a
êoption + i, then release and type e
îoption + i, then release and type i
ôoption + i, then release and type o
ûoption + i, then release and type u
ëoption + u, then release and type e
ïoption + u, then release and type i
üoption + u, then release and type u

Note: To type capital letters, just hold down shift when you type the letter you want.

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So, this is the list of French Accent Codes for Windows and MAC users. Almost Every Codes and Function Keys are covered in the above Codes Table. Try to Practise these French Accent Codes while typing French. In this manner, you will easily remember the Codes for typing French Accents.

Hope you have liked our blog on French Accents. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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