Most used Sticky Notes Shortcuts

Learn Sticky Notes Shortcuts. Sticky Notes is a friendly application. With the introduction of Sticky Notes software, you no longer need to write and stick those small notes on your office board or anywhere in the book. You no longer need to search for a pen and paper to note things down. Sticky notes were introduced to make life easier.

Sticky Notes Shortcuts

Sticky Notes are something that is used when we want to take a quick note of the thing so that we don’t seem to forget while actually working on it. Sticky Notes are very simple to use and made for a short period of time. The updated version of Sticky Notes is a great alternative to OneNote. Check out the OneNote shortcuts here


Formatting Text Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
BoldCtrl + B
ItalicCtrl + I
UnderlineCtrl + U
Apply or Remove StrikethroughCtrl + T
Bullet listCtrl + Shift + L
Increase font sizeCtrl + Shift + >
Decrease font sizeCtrl + Shift + <
Capitalize fontCtrl + Shift + A
Single line spaceCtrl + 1
Double line spaceCtrl + 2
Right alignmentCtrl + R
Center alignmentCtrl + E
Left alignmentCtrl + L

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Sticky notes save the notes to the desktop of your Window Device. There are not many shortcuts compared to OneNote, Notepad and many more. There are a few handfuls of shortcuts that are listed below. Have a look below or if you want to store it you can download it in the form of PDF. 

With the help of the Sticky Notes and its amazing shortcuts has kept your life organized. Sticky Note is one such application that can be accessed with one click. No doubt it will not be a complete organizer as that of OneNote, EverNote and many more.

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