Most used Spotify Shortcuts For Windows & Mac

Do you know about Spotify Shortcuts? Spotify is considered to play a major role in the streaming music revolution. Keyboard shortcuts of Spotify are an alternative of moving around in Spotify. The only simple mantra to learn Spotify’s shortcut is to spend less time clicking and more time listening to music.

Spotify Shortcuts for Windows and Mac – Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are some of the best shortcuts for running Spotify on Windows and iOS devices. You can download the shortcuts even before running it to make the functioning of the software easy. Download the Spotify Shortcuts of Windows and Mac, Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts here.


General Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Create new playlistCtrl + NCommand + N
CutCtrl + XCommand + X
CopyCtrl + CCommand + C
Alternative link copyCtrl + Alt + CCommand + Option + C
PasteCtrl + VCommand + V
Select allCtrl + ACommand + A
Play or PauseSpaceSpace
Next trackCtrl + →Ctrl + Command + →
Previous trackCtrl + ←Ctrl + Command + ←
Volume upCtrl + UpCommand + Up
Volume downCtrl + DownCommand + Down
MuteCtrl + Shift + DownCommand + Shift + Down
Max volumeCtrl + Shift + UpCommand + Shift + Up

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Others Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
HelpF1Command + Shift + ?
FilterCtrl + FCommand + F
Give focus to search fieldCtrl + LCommand + L
Go backAlt + ←Command + Option + ←
Go forwardAlt + →Command + Option + →
Play selected rowEnterEnter
PreferencesCtrl + PCommand + P
Logout active userCtrl + Shift + WCommand + Shift + W
QuitAlt + F4Command + Q
Hide Window Command + H
Hide other applications window Command + Option + H
Close window Command + W
Minimize Window Command + M
Restored from minimized Command + Option + 1

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Above were the Spotify Shortcuts used for Windows and Mac devices. The number of shortcuts is less compared to other software and hence we would help you with some of the Tips and Tricks of Spotify. Do not miss it! Check it out.

Even though the subscribers for Apple Music are more than the Spotify Shortcut, there are some loyal Spotify users who do not wish to switch to Apple Music. The latest Modification done in the Spotify software is it has integrated with Siri. With this integration, the dreams and the prayers of many users have listened. Check out the Siri Shortcuts here.

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