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Learn SharePoint Shortcuts. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the old software introduced in Microsoft. Hence, the number of people haven’t come across this software. This topic basically helps you to know all the shortcuts of Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft PowerPoint Shortcut keys will help you to complete the Agenda in a faster and convenient way.

SharePoint 2016 is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, known as SharePoint Online. SharePoint will help to achieve the Microsoft focus on virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Also, check out the Microsoft Outlook Shortcuts, a platform for webmail. Hence, to create a website most of the organizations use Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint Shortcut Keys PDF

General SharePoint Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut Keys
Turn more accessible mode on/offTab
Expand MenuShift + Enter
Move to different options in a Drop down listAlt + ↓
Apply/Remove Bold formattingCtrl + B
Apply/Remove Italic formattingCtrl + I
Apply/ Remove UnderlineCtrl + U
Remove a paragraph indent from the leftCtrl + Shift + M
Indent a paragraph from the leftCtrl + M
Delete the selection without adding it on the clipboardDelete
Switch between InsertingInsert
Delete the selectionBackspace
Delete all the word in front of the cursorCtrl + Backspace
Insert a new lineShift + Enter
Create a documentAlt + N
Upload a documentAlt + U
Create a folderAlt + N, Tab
Activate the action menuAlt + C
Activate the Respond to this survey buttonAlt + N
Activate the show a graphical summary of response linkAlt + R
Select the Save and Close button in a form for editing a survey responseAlt + S
Activate the Show all responses linkAlt + U
Activate the Settings menuAlt + I
Activate the Next Page buttonAlt + N

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Microsoft SharePoint has once used document management tools, content management systems, or to set up the business. However, with the growing advanced technologies, the two things that are quite compatible are the CRM and Resource planning tools. Download all the most used Microsoft SharePoint Shortcuts Below.

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