Onedrive vs SharePoint | What is the difference between?

Onedrive vs SharePoint To makes the business productive and creative Office 365 has different storage and sharing facilities. Which option suits the best would depend upon their benefit to you. Both SharePoint and OneDrive are cloud-based services that allow you to store, share and sync files.

Pointing out the difference between the two will be very much difficult as they have a lot in common. They are also powerful and useful tools for business. But I hope the below differences will demystify you the correct answer for your business.

Onedrive vs SharePoint

# OneDrive SharePoint
Stand Alone service One can find the Stand Alone Service name consumer version in One Drive. One cannot find the Stand Alone Service name consumer version in SharePoint.
Existence One Drive is the tool that evolved from SharePoint Workspace 2010 and previously from Groove 2007. SharePoint is a cloud-based version of the SharePoint service.
Often known as OneDrive is known as a “storage location” SharePoint is considered as a “Team Site”
Cloud version/Internet version OneDrive could be considered as a Cloud version of My documents folder. It is a file server or internal website alternative.
Access OneDrive can be accessed from a browser or local folder depending upon the preferences. Get access from a browser to all features but files can be accessed from the local folder
Upload Documents OneDrive is the best place to upload private documents that are intended to be seen by you only. Whereas SharePoint is the best place to upload documents that are intended to be used with the teammates.
Ultimate Goal The ultimate goal of OneDrive is to store, share and access files. SharePoint adds some extra features to the One Drive.
Ability to create a website With OneDrive you cannot create a website but to can achieve the ultimate goal. Here along with Storing, sharing and accessing the files you can create a website as well.
Security In OneDrive every document stored is private. Where in SharePoint you set permission by directory or folder. Individual documents are not private.

Both of the online services will improve the business through their work. It is advised to use either OneDrive vs SharePoint to avoid confusion while working. Both are not exactly the same yet not entirely different.

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