MuseScore Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

MuseScore is an open-source, cross-platform music notation software used by a large number of professionals. These professionals work better with MuseScore shortcuts. MuseScore is available for free for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.

List of MuseScore Shortcuts

You can not only access the menu bar using the MuseScore shortcuts, but you can also navigate, special access characters, shortcuts to input particular instrument sound, etc. This tutorial helps you with a complete list of shortcuts. You can also download the MuseScore shortcuts in PDF form.


Voices Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Voice 1Ctrl + Alt + 1
Voice 2Ctrl + Alt + 2
Voice 3Ctrl + Alt + 3
Voice 4Ctrl + Alt + 4

Navigation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Beginning of scoreHome
End of scoreEnd
Next scoreCtrl + Tab
Previous scoreCtrl + Shift + Tab
Zoom inCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl + –

Duration Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Half durationQ
Double durationW
Decrease duration by a dotShift + Q
Increase duration by a dotShift + W
Select duration1…9
Change to rest0

Layout Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Flip directionX
Mirror note headShift + X
Increase stretch of measures}
Decrease stretch of measures{
Page back on selected barlineCtrl + Enter

Pitch Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Repeat previous noteR
Raise pitch by octaveCtrl + ↑
Lower pitch by octaveCtrl + ↓
Raise pitch by semi-tone
Lower pitch by semi-toneCtrl + ↓

Articulations Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
StaccatoShift + S
TenutoShift + N
SforzatoShift + V
MarcatoShift + O

Text entry Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Staff textCtrl + T
System textCtrl + Shift + T
Tempo textAlt + T
Rehearsal markCtrl + M

Display Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Play panelF11
Selection filterF6

Lyrics entry Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Enter lyrics on anoteCtrl + L
Previous lyrics syllableShift + Space
Move lyric syllable leftAlt + ←
Move lyric syllable rightAlt + →
Up to previous stanzaCtrl + ↑
Down to next stanzaCtrl + ↓

Others Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Toggle visibility on selected elementV
Show instruments dialogI
Add interval above current noteAlt + Num Lk
Begin note input modeN
Leave note input modeEsc

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Note: Did you know? MuseScore is available in more than 40 languages.

With these above MuseScore shortcuts, MuseScore stands out to be an excellent program for music score editing. With these shortcuts, use MuseScore up to its full benefits and get yourself experienced. Also, you must check out for the other music notation software like

    • Sibelius shortcuts
    • Finale shortcuts

NOTE: It is advisable to import a music sheet using MusicXML or MuseScore file directly.

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