MS Word Shortcut Keys PDF List Download

MS Word Shortcut Keys PDF List Download Now with latest version

MS Word shortcut keys are used by 2/3 of the middle-aged group population. Hence it is no wonder that MS Word shortcut is 13th on the list of skills required for their personal growth and development.

Shortcut Keys for MS Word with PDF list

Below is the list of MS Word shortcut keys in PDF. Don’t be much surprised by the length of the list and with the number of MS Word shortcuts. All these MS Word shortcuts will speed up the workflow and make things easy and convenient. Download the MS Word shortcut keys pdf.

General – MS Word Shortcuts Keys

ActionShortcut keys
Create a new documentCtrl + N
Open documentCtrl + O
Close documentCtrl + W
Save documentCtrl + S
Save document asF12
Print documentCtrl + P
Open recent fileAlt then F, R
Undo the last actionCtrl + Z
Redo the last actionCtrl + Y
Cut text or objectCtrl + X
Copy text or objectCtrl + C
Paste selected text or objectCtrl + V
Copy text formatCtrl + Shift + C
Paste text formatCtrl + Shift + V
Paste and keep source formattingCtrl + V, then Ctrl, then K
Paste and keep text onlyCtrl + V, then Ctrl, then T
Show or Hide the RibbonCtrl + F1

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Shortcuts Keys on Navigation in Word Documents 

ActionShortcut keys
Jump one character to the left
Jump one character to the right
Jump one word to the leftCtrl + ←
Jump one word to the leftCtrl + →
Jump to the end of a lineEnd
Jump to the beginning of a lineHome
Jump one line down
Jump one line up
Jump one paragraph downCtrl + ↓
Jump one paragraph upCtrl + ↑
Jump one screen downPageDown
Jump one screen upPageUp
Move to the beginning of the next pageCtrl + PageDown
Move to the beginning of the previous pageCtrl + PageUp
Jump to top of the visible windowAlt + Ctrl + PageDown
Jump to the bottom of the visible windowAlt + Ctrl + PageUp
Jump to end of the documentCtrl + End
Go to a page, bookmark, comment, etc.Ctrl + G or F5
Go back to the previously edited location in a documentAlt + Ctrl + Z
Go to the last change or revisionShift + F5
Set and edit bookmarksCtrl + Shift + F5

Extend Selection (Select text, move and delete)

ActionShortcut keys
Extend selection one character to the rightShift + →
Extend selection one character to the leftShift + ←
Extend selection one word to the rightCtrl + Shift + →
Extend selection one word to the rightCtrl + Shift + ←
Extend selection to the end of a lineShift + End
Extend selection to the beginning of a lineShift + Home
Extend selection one line downShift + ↓
Extend selection one line upShift + ↑
Extend selection one screen downShift + PageDown
Extend selection one screen upShift + PageUp
Extend selection to end of the documentCtrl + Shift + End
Extend selection to the beginning of the documentCtrl + Shift + Home
Extend selection to end of the visible windowAlt + Ctrl + Shift + PageDown
Extend selection to the beginning of the visible windowAlt + Ctrl + Shift + PageUp
Select entire documentCtrl + A
Turn extend mode onF8
adds one paragraph to selectionEnter (in extended mode)
Extend selection in extend modeArrow keys, PageUp and PageDown
Reduce the size of a selection in extend modeShift + F8
Select a vertical block of text in extend modeCtrl + Shift + F8
Turn to extend mode offEsc
Delete one character to the rightDelete
Delete one character to the leftBackspace
Delete one word to the rightCtrl + Delete
Delete one word to the leftCtrl + Backspace
Delete one character to the right or delete the selectionDelete
Decrease font size one valueCtrl + Shift + <
Increase font size one valueCtrl + Shift + >

Insert special characters, Text elements and Breaks

ActionShortcut keys 
Insert Copyright symbolAlt + Ctrl + C
Insert Trademark symbolAlt + Ctrl + T
Insert Registered Trademark symbolAlt + Ctrl + R
Insert Euro currency symbolAlt + Ctrl + E
Insert horizontal ellipsis(…)Alt + Ctrl + .
Insert Em dashAlt + Ctrl + –
Insert SymbolAlt then N then U
Insert FootnoteAlt + Ctrl + F
Insert an EndnoteAlt + Ctrl + D
Insert a HyperlinkCtrl + K
Insert Citation MarkAlt + Shift + I
Insert Index MarkAlt + Shift + X
Insert Paragraph BreakEnter
Insert line break without breaking the paragraphShift + Enter
Insert Page BreakCtrl + Enter
Insert column breakCtrl + Shift + Enter
Insert Non-breaking spaceCtrl + Shift + Space
Insert Non-Breaking HyphenCtrl + Shift + –
Insert HyphenCtrl + –

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Shortcut Keys for Find and Replace in MS Word

ActionShortcut keys
Open find and replace windowCtrl + H
Repeat last find after closing find the windowShift + F4
Jump between find menu and documentCtrl + Tab
Closed Find and Replace windowEsc
Open Search menu from the navigation paneCtrl + F

Shortcut Keys For Format Text and Paragraph  in MS Word

ActionShortcut Keys
Apply and Remove BoldCtrl + B
Apply and Remove ItalicCtrl + I
Apply and Remove UnderlineCtrl + U
Apply and Remove double-underlineCtrl + Shift + D
Apply and Remove words underlineCtrl + Shift + W
Apply and Remove Big capitalsCtrl + Shift + A
Apply and Remove Small capitalsCtrl + Shift + K
The open Font dialogue boxCtrl + D
Increase font size by one valueCtrl + Shift + >
Decrease font size by one valueCtrl + Shift + <
Apply and Remove subscriptCtrl + =
Apply and Remove SuperscriptCtrl + Shift + =
Copy formattingCtrl + Shift + C
Paste formattingCtrl + Shift + V
Change between all caseShift + F3
Apply strike-through formattingAlt + H then 4
Reveal formattingShift + F1
Apply and Remove Highlight text featureCtrl + Alt + H

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MS Word Shortcut Keys For Format Paragraphs & Apply Styles

ActionShortcut Keys
Right align paragraphCtrl + R
Left align paragraphCtrl + L
Center align paragraphCtrl + E
Justify align paragraphCtrl + J
Set line spacing to single spaceCtrl + 1
Set line spacing to double spaceCtrl + 2
Set line spacing to 1.5Ctrl + 5
Open or Close styles task paneAlt + Ctrl + Shift + S
Apply Heading 1 styleAlt + Ctrl + 1
Apply Heading 2 styleAlt + Ctrl + 2
Apply Heading 3 styleAlt + Ctrl + 3
Apply Normal StyleCtrl + Shift + N
Open apply styles task paneCtrl + Shift + S

Shortcut Keys For Review Documents in MS Word

ActionShortcut Keys
Choose the spelling commandF7
Insert a commentAlt + Ctrl + M
Turn change tracking on and offCtrl + Shift + E
Display the selectionAlt + F10
Open the word counting dialog boxCtrl + Shift + G

Shortcut Keys for Enter some Special fields are as follows:

ActionShortcut Keys
Insert current DateAlt + Shift + D
Insert Page numberAlt + Shift + P
Insert Current TimeAlt + Shift + T
Insert Mark citationAlt + Shift + I
Insert Mark IndexAlt + Shift + X
Insert Table of ContentAlt + Shift + O

Shortcut Keys For Mail Merge are as follows:-

ActionShortcut Keys
Preview a mail mergeAlt + Shift + K
Merge a documentAlt + Shift + N
Print the merged documentAlt + Shift + M
Edit a mail merge documentAlt + Shift + E
Insert a merge fieldAlt + Shift + F

Function Key Shortcut:

ActionShortcut Keys
Display Word Help F1
Allow you to move text or graphicF2
Repeats same actionF4
Display Go To TabF5
It Allow user to Switches between Panes, Documents, Status Bar and RibbonF6
To Check Spelling and grammar in the word fileF7
Extend selection size if you want select more characterF8
Select & update Fields you editingF9
On & off KeytipF10
Change or move to next fieldF11
Open Save as Box

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Ms Word Shortcut Keys PDF 2022

New 2022 Ms Word Shortcut keys are same as previous versions, so you can follow above PDF and free to use above shortcut. 2022 version yet to launch, but many user prefer older version and Microsoft prefer to keeps same short for user convenience.

We have tried our best to compile the best and the most used shortcuts. All these MS Word shortcut keys are useful and worthy. Trust me this MS Word shortcut keys PDF will be worth downloading, and you won’t regret it. Another alternative shortcut that people or users might search for in replacing MS Word shortcuts is LibreOffice Writer shortcuts, Google Docs shortcuts.

These MS Word shortcut keys PDF will make your life easier while working in MS Word. All of these MS Word shortcut keys can be used and helpful while writing primary school essays to professional manuscripts. Hence you must know both the short way and the long way before you are called an MS Word expert.

Hope you have liked our blog on MS Word Shortcut keys. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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