Most used Windows Media Player Shortcuts

Windows Media Player shortcuts make the overall working with the player useful and more comfortable. This tutorial will give you a bright aspect regarding which shortcut to be used for which function. The alternative software to Windows Media Player that is available is MPV shortcuts and VLC Media Player shortcuts.


List of Windows Media Player Shortcuts

Below is the list of Windows Media Player which you can use for a variety of activities in Window Media Player. You can even wish to download the Windows Media Players shortcuts PDF that can be used for future use.

General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Create a new playlistCtrl + N
Add meia to libraryF3
Edit itemF2
Add items to playlistShift + F10 then A
Open helpF1
Increase the size of album artF6
Decrease the size of album artShift + F6

Navigation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Search boxCtrl + E
Artists in musicCtrl + 7
Album in musicCtrl + 8
Songs in musicCtrl + 9

Music with Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Play or pauseCtrl + P
Play the next songCtrl + F
Play the previous songCtrl + B
Mute and Unmute the volumeF7
Increase or decrease the volumeF8 or F9
Turn shuffle on or offCtrl + H
Play faster than normal speedCtrl + Shift + G
Play slower than normal speedCtrl + Shift + S
Play at normal speedCtrl + Shift + N
Stop playingCtrl + W
Stop playbackCtrl + S
Fast forwardCtrl + Shift + F

Videos with Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Zoom videos to 50%Alt + 1
Zoom videos to 100%Alt + 2
Zoom videos to 200%Alt + 3
Show video in full screenAlt + Enter
Eject CD or DVDCtrl + J
Rewind videoCtrl + Shift + B
Turn subtitles on or offCtrl + Shift + C
Specify URL or path of a fileCtrl + U
Stop playing a fileCtrl + W
Play or pause a fileCtrl + P
Stop playbackCtrl + S
Play the next itemCtrl + F
Play the previous itemCtrl + B

Manage the Media Player windows Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Full modeCtrl + 1
Skin modeCtrl + 2
Show or Hide classic menuCtrl + M
Opens the title bar menuAlt + Spacebar
Restore windowAlt + Spacebar + Enter
Maximize windowAlt + Spacebar + X
Minimize windowAlt + Spacebar + N
Close WMPAlt + F4

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Windows Media Players works really well with Windows Media-based formats: .wmv, .wma, and .asf. Such is not an issue with QuickTime. QuickTime lets you play anything at various speeds. Checkout for QuickTime Shortcuts.

Note: The Windows Media Players’ shortcuts only work when the player is active and not when it is in the background or a minimized state.

The Windows Media Player shortcuts make sure that handy help is provided, and the operations are done within no time. It is advised to the users to make the best use of this list of shortcuts.

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