Most used Putty Shortcuts for Windows

For Windows, Putty shortcuts are the best Secure Shell. Putty establishes the best secure connection from the Windows machine to Linux servers. Putty has excellent features that give you extended functionality.

In this article, let us review all the Putty shortcuts that you might not have yet explored. It is good to have a list of shortcuts that can quickly open any prerequisite parameters. Download the Putty shortcuts in the PDF form.


General Putty Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Auto complete files and folder namesTab
Clear the line after the cursorCtrl + K
Delete the word before the cursorCtrl + W
Swap the last two characters before the cursorCtrl + T
Swap the last two words before the cursorEsc + T
Move cursor forward one word on the current lineAlt + F
Move cursor backward one word on the current lineAlt + B
Go to the beginning of the lineCtrl + A
Go to the end of the lineCtrl + E
Clears the sceenCtrl + L
Clears the line before the cursor positionCtrl + U
Same as backspaceCtrl + H
Search through previously used commandsCtrl + R
Kill whatever you are runningCtrl + C
Exit the current shellCtrl + D
UndoCtrl + Z

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Above were some of the Putty shortcuts that would help you to work well with the parameters. Putty files are light in weight, and you need to install the simple putty.exe.file. Putty is supported by several network protocols like SCP, SSH, Telnet, etc. to work with Putty you need to work with the Putty shortcuts.

For me, MobaXterm acts as an excellent alternative to Putty. Check out MobaXterm shortcuts You can try out the other alternative software and see what works best for you.

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