Most used Google Slides Shortcuts

With Google Slides shortcuts, create amazing presentations that are quicker, smarter and slicker. Learning these shortcuts will take your productivity at a skyrocketing speed. There is a hidden graphic design platform in Google Slides. You can checkout shortcuts for Graphic designing in Google Slides.

List of Google Slides Shortcuts

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We are going to have a look at the Google Slides shortcuts and save some time for yourself and have a bigger impact on your presentation. Having a complete list of shortcuts is a difficult task but we have tried to list it down as much as we can. To open a list of Google slides shortcuts use the shortcut Ctrl + /. Also, download the list of Google Slides Shortcuts in PDF form.


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
New SlideCtrl + N
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
HyperlinkCtrl + K
FindCtrl + F
Find and ReplaceCtrl + H
OpenCtrl + O
SaveCtrl + S
PrintCtrl + P
Select allCtrl + A
Open linkAlt + Enter
Select noneCtrl + Shift + A
Find againCtrl + G
Find PreviousCtrl + Shift + G
Duplicate slideCtrl + D
Keyboard ShortcutCtrl + /

Editing Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
SubscriptCtrl + ,
SuperscriptCtrl + .
BoldCtrl + B
UnderlineCtrl + U
ItalicCtrl + I
Increase indentCtrl + ]
Decrease indentCtrl + [
JustifyCtrl + Shift + J
Bullet listCtrl + Shift + 8
Numbered listCtrl + Shift + 7
Align centerCtrl + Shift + E
Align RightCtrl + Shift + R
Align leftCtrl + Shift + L
Increase font sizeCtrl + Shift + >
Decrease font sizeCtrl + Shift + <

Navigation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Move to first slideHome
Move to last slideEnd
Slide upCtrl + ↑
Slide downCtrl + ↓
Slide to beginningCtrl + Shift + ↑
Slide to endCtrl + Shift + ↓
Select previous slideShift + ↑
Select next slideShift + ↓
Select first slideShift + Home
Select last slideShift + End
Move to previous slidePage Up
Move to next slidePage down
Zoom inCtrl + Alt + +
Zoom outCtrl + Alt + –
Move to canvasCtrl + Alt + Shift + C
Move to filmstripCtrl + Alt + Shift + F
Open animation panelCtrl + Alt + Shift + B
Open speaker notes panelCtrl + Alt + Shift + S
Change to HTML viewCtrl + Alt + Shift + P
Present slideCtrl + F5
Present slide from beginningCtrl + Shift + F5

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If you use Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote as your jam software to create a presentation, checkout for PowerPoint shortcuts as well as Keynote shortcuts. But I would still recommend you to consider Google Slides to be your jam software for creating a presentation.

Google Services is also another app like Google Spreadsheet Shortcuts and Google Docs Shortcuts. Google Slides not only creates presentation but also creates magazine covers, movie reviews, etc. Google Slides is software offered for free by Google within its Google Drive service.

Hope you have liked our blog on Google Slides Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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