Top 30 most used Foxit Reader Shortcuts

I generally used the Foxit Reader shortcuts while reading out the PDF. It took a minimum effort to memorize these shortcuts. Knowing the value of the shortcuts that it saves time and efforts, everybody has started learning to use it.

List of Foxit Reader Shortcuts

Table of Contents

Consider the below list of Foxit Reader shortcuts as fun and you will memorize them in no time. Download the Foxit Reader shortcuts PDF, Foxit Shortcut Keys


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open fileCtrl + O
Close fileCtrl + W
Save asCtrl + Shift + S
Close allCtrl + Shift + W
PrintCtrl + P
Quit foxit readerCtrl + Q
BookmarkAlt + 1
Full screenAlt + 2
Zoom inCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl + –
Zoom toCtrl + M
Actual sizeCtrl + 1
Fit to pageCtrl + 2
Fit widthCtrl + 3

Others Shortcuts

ActionShortcut key
Rotate clockwiseCtrl + Shift + +
Rotate counter-clockwiseCtrl + Shift + –
Reset ToolbarsAlt + F8
Hide toolbarsF8
First pageHome
Previous page
Next page
Last pageEnd
Go to pageCtrl + Shift + N
Select allCtrl + A
Page DownSpacebar
Page UpShift + Spacebar
CopyCtrl + C
Find textCtrl + F
Find nextF3
PreferencesCtrl + K

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Above we saw were a list of numerous Foxit Reader shortcuts that can speed up the navigation work. Adobe had introduced an alternative to Foxit Reader i.e. the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Check out the Adobe Acrobat Reader shortcuts.

Foxit Reader is available in multiple languages and allows for basic creation, viewing, and simple editing of PDF files. Foxit Reader is available in all the versions like Windows Vista and later versions, Android devices, and Apple devices as well.

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