Most used Edius Keyboard Shortcuts

There are over 100+ Edius Keyboard Shortcuts that help to improve your productivity. Learning this Edius shortcuts is a fantastic experience since it helps you to edit faster, improve and speed up the editing. Edius lets you import 4k and 60p videos and edit them.

List of Edius keyboard shortcuts,
Edius shortcut keys pdf download

Canopus Corporation initially developed Edius and now owned and sold by Grass Valley USA. The list of shortcuts below helps you with a high-speed real-time smooth editing of the videos. Download the list of Edius keyboard Shortcuts in PDF form.


General Shortcuts part 1

ActionShortcut Keys
New projectCtrl + N
new sequenceCtrl + Shift + N
Open ProjectCtrl + O
Add file to recorderCtrl + Shift + O
OPen clip source fileCtrl + Shift + P
Delete unused rendered filesAlt + Q
Save projectCtrl + S
Save asCtrl + Shift + S

General Shortcuts Part 2

ActionShortcut Keys
Add clip in player to asset binCtrl + Shift + B
Search frame – recorderShift + F
Search frame – playerCtrl + Shift + F
Print to tapeF12
Create new freeze frameCtrl + T
Delete audio from selected clipAlt + A

Delete Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Delete audio from selected clipAlt + A
Delete gapBackspace
Delete between in or outD
Ripple delete between in or outAlt + D
Ripple deleteAlt + Delete
Delete video filters partAlt + Shift + F
Delete audio filter partAt + Ctrl + F
Delete all filter partAlt + Ctrl + Shift + F
Delete key partAlt + Ctrl + G
Delete transparency partAlt + Ctrl + Shift + G
Delete volume settingAlt + Shift + H
Delete pan settingsAlt + Ctrl + H
Delete transition between selected clipsAlt + T
Delete transition partAlt + Shift + T
Delete cross fade partAlt + Ctrl + T
Delete video of selected clipAlt + V

Track selection Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Select 1a trackShift + 1
Selcetd 2a trackShift + 2
Select 3a trackShift + 3
Select 4a trackShift + 4
Select 1va/v trackShift + 5
Select 2va/v trackShift + 6

Others Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Previous edit pointA
Move to endEnd
Match frame recorder playerF
Display master clipAlt + F
Print to fileF11
Move to startHome
Timecode jump –
Timecode jump ++
Next trim edit pointPage Down
Previous trim edit pointPage Up
Next edit pointS
Select all tracksShift + A
Select all clips in selected tracksCtrl + A

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All these above Edius Keyboard Shortcuts act as a helping hand to all the video editors.

Note: To video edit in this software you must need to have an internet connection.

The similar software or alternative software to Edius are Avidemux shortcuts, Shotcut shortcuts, DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts, Adobe Premiere Pro Shortcuts. You can add After Effects as a plugin to your Edius software.

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