Most used Microsoft Teams Shortcuts – Teams Shortcuts PDF

Learn Microsoft Teams Shortcuts now. As per the survey conducted, many users have voted that working with shortcuts is easier rather than working with the mouse. Microsoft Team is committing towards getting a boost in your team working life. Microsoft Team Shortcuts are grouped into several categories. These shortcuts are helpful to the one with vision disabilities and users with mobility.

Top 20 Microsoft Teams Shortcuts

I have tried my best to give you a list of Microsoft Team Shortcuts which are used more often or which are used less as well. Microsoft Team allows you to communicate with your employees, partner, client and more. In other words, it provides with a common workspace so that the sharing of information becomes easy.

Microsoft Team is one of the software of Microsoft 360. You can have a look at the Microsoft Publisher Shortcuts as well.

Microsoft Teams Shortcut Keys PDF

General Shortcuts in Microsoft Teams

ActionShortcut Keys
Open keyboard shortcutsAlt + /
HelpAlt + H
Open SettingsAlt + G
Start a New ChatAlt + N
Go to SearchAlt + E
Close a dialog or move focusEsc
Go to Next sectionCtrl + F6
Go to previous sectionCtrl + Shift + F6
Open activityAlt + 1
Open chatAlt + 2
Open TeamsAlt + 3
Open MeetingsAlt + 4
Open filesAlt + 5
Go to Previous List itemAlt + ↑
Go to Next List ItemAlt + ↓
Go to Previous TabAlt + ←
Go to Next TabAlt + →
Expand Compose BoxAlt + X
Send a Message when Compose Box is ExpandedCtrl + Enter
Open Emoji menuAlt + Q
Attach a FileAlt + A
Start a new lineShift + Enter
Accept CallCtrl + Alt + A
Decline callCtrl + Alt + D
Start an Audio CallCtrl + Alt + C
Start a Video CallCtrl + Alt + V
Mute/Unmute AudioCtrl + Alt + M
Turn Video On/OffCtrl + Alt + O
Switch to or Exit Full Screen ModeCtrl + Alt + F

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All of these shortcuts are helpful while working with desktop. No shortcuts key is available for mobile device users. The Latest update made in the Microsoft Team is the Command Bar. Download all the Microsoft Teams Shortcuts below.

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