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Do you know about Publisher Shortcuts? Microsoft Publisher is a publishing program used for laying out newsletters, brochures, and flyers. Microsoft Publisher will do a task that becomes difficult to carry out with Microsoft Word. Have a look at the Microsoft word Shortcuts.

List of Microsoft Publisher Shortcuts

There is not much difference between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. The only difference between the two is the Text Box creation. Mastering Microsoft Publisher can become easier if you master Microsoft Word.

Download all the Microsoft Publisher Shortcuts PDF below – MS Publisher Shortcut Keys PDF

General Shortcuts in Microsoft Publisher

ActionShortcut Keys
Open a new instanceCtrl + N
Display the Open publicationCtrl + O
Close current publicationCtrl + F4
Display save as dialog boxCtrl + S
Find and ReplaceCtrl + F
ReplaceCtrl + H
Check spellingF7
Thesaurus task paneShift + F7
Research task paneAlt + Click a word
Select allCtrl + A
Make Text BoldCtrl + B
Italic TextCtrl + I
Underline TextCtrl + U
Change text case upper to lowerCtrl + Shift + K
Open the font dialogCtrl + Shift + F
Copy formattingCtrl + Shift + C
Paste FormattingCtrl + Shift + V
Turn on or off Special CharactersCtrl + Shift + Y
Return character formatting to the current styleCtrl + Spacebar
Apply or Remove Subscript formattingCtrl + =
Apply or Remove Superscript formattingCtrl + Shift + =
Increase space between letters in wordCtrl + Shift + ]
Decrease space between letters in wordCtrl + Shift + [

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Other Shortcuts in Microsoft Publisher

ActionShortcut Keys
Increase font size by 1.0 pointCtrl + ]
Decrease font size by 1.0 pointCtrl + [
Increase font sizeCtrl + Shift + >
Decrease font sizeCtrl + Shift + <
Center a paragraphCtrl + E
Apply a paragraph on the leftCtrl + L
Apply a paragraph on the rightCtrl + R
Apply a paragraph on the JustifyCtrl + J
Distribute a paragraph evenly horizontallyCtrl + Shift + D
Set newspaper alignmentCtrl + Shift + J
Display the hyphenation dialog boxCtrl + Shift + H
Insert the current timeAlt + Shift + T
Insert the current dateAlt + Shift + D
Insert the current page numberAlt + Shift + P
Undo what you last didCtrl + Z
Redo what you last didCtrl + Y
Bring object to frontAlt + F6
Send object to backAlt + Shift + F6
Turn Snap to guides on or offF10, Shift + R
Group selected objectCtrl + Shift + G
Ungroup selected objectCtrl + Shift + G
Display the Go to Page dialog boxCtrl + G
Go to the Next pageCtrl + Page Down
Go to the previous pageCtrl + Page Up
Switch between current page and the Master pageCtrl + M
Turn Boundaries on or offCtrl + Shift + O
Open the Print dialog viewCtrl + P
Insert HyperlinkCtrl + K
Display the Macros dialog boxAlt + F8
Display the Visual Basic EditorAlt + F11

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With the help of these above shortcuts, not only formatting the documents get easy but also helps to save the time and the efforts of the user. The productivity will solely depend on the efforts put by the user to develop the skills and tricks through Microsoft Publisher Shortcuts.

This software is ideal for the small business as it is user-friendly and prior knowledge of the software is not at all necessary. We can conclude that Microsoft Publisher is one of the marketing software.

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