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Paint shortcuts is another handy trick that can amaze you as well as increase your productivity. Paint keyboard shortcuts can enhance your usage with MS Paint. Another exciting feature of MS Paint is that it can be easily accessed using the Paint keyboard shortcuts. And that is the keen reason behind writing this blog!

MS Paint Shortcuts List

Below is the list of shortcuts that have been tried and tested and that can work on all versions of Paint as well. We feel that if you have mastered these Paint keyboard shortcuts, you could enhance your level of productivity. Download the Paint Shortcut keys PDF. MS paint shortcut keys pdf


File menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
NewCtrl + N
OpenCtrl + O
CloseCtrl + F4
SaveCtrl + S
Save asCtrl + Shift + S
PrintCtrl + P
ExitAlt + F4

Tools Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Rectangle selectS
Lasso selectS
Ellipse selectS
Magic wandS
Move selected pixelsM
Paint bucketF
Colour pickerK
Clone stampL

Edit menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
Paste in to new layerCtrl + Shift + V
Paste in to new imageCtrl + Alt + V
Invert selectionCtrl + I
Select allCtrl + A
DeselectCtrl + D

Image menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Crop to selectionCtrl + Shift + X
ResizeCtrl + R
Canvas sizeCtrl + Shift + R
Rotate 90º clockwiseCtrl + G
Rotate 90º counter-clockwiseCtrl + H
Rotate 180ºCtrl + J
FlaternCtrl + Shift + F

Layers Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Add new layerCtrl + Shift + N
Delete layerCtrl + Shift + Delete
Duplicate layerCtrl + Shift + D
Merge layer downCtrl + M
Layer propertiesF4

Adjustments Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Auto levelCtrl + Alt + L
BrightnessCtrl + Shift + C
CurvesCtrl + Shift + M
Black and whiteCtrl + Shift + G
Hue or SaturationCtrl + Shift + U
Invert colorsCtrl + Shift + I
LevelsCtrl + L
SepiaCtrl + Shift + P

Window Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Show image listCtrl + Q
Next tabCtrl + Tab
Previous tabCtrl + Shift + Tab

View Menu Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Zoom inCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl + –
Zoom to windowCtrl + B
Zoom to selectionCtrl + Shift + B
Actual sizeCtrl + Shift + A

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From the above list of shortcuts, you will find that some key combinations are shared and used by some of the other software. Hence you will find out some difference for sure. We as a team have tried to cover all the Paint shortcuts that we were aware of.

Paint shortcuts can make your complicated projects easier and in an effective manner. And are very much helpful to the folk who do not wish to touch or work with the help of a mouse. These make those parent learn Paint keyboard shortcuts.

Paint shortcuts come as a default list in the Paint application. Paint application to go with the default Microsoft Windows operating system. Check out for the Windows keyboard shortcuts, Krita shortcuts, GIMP shortcuts, IrfanView shortcuts are some of the other applications that are popular along with Paint shortcuts.

Hope you have liked our blog on Microsoft Paint Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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