70 Microsoft Edge Shortcuts you should know

Some of the Microsoft Edge shortcuts are similar to other Microsoft applications. These shortcuts will help you browse the web effectively and will also make your work faster. The default web browser in Windows 10 devices is Microsoft Edge.

List of Microsoft Edge Shortcuts

Here is the comprehensive list of new Microsoft Edge Shortcuts. You can also download the Microsoft Edge shortcuts in PDF form. We have tried our best to get your hands on some of these Edge Shortcuts.


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open a new windowCtrl + N
Open a new window in private modeCtrl + Shift + P
Open a new TabCtrl + T
Switching to newly created tabCtrl + K
Open link in a new tabCtrl + Click
Open link a new tab and switch to the tabCtrl + Shift + Click
Open link in a new windowAlt + Shift + Click
Move current tab to new windowCtrl + Shift + N
Close current tabCtrl + W
Quit ApplicationAlt + F4
Open developer tools paneF12
Print the current pageCtrl + P

Bookmarks Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Add current site to favouritesHome

Navigation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open Home pageAlt + Home
Go backBackspace
Go forwardAlt + →
Scroll page upPage Up
Scroll page downPage Down
Scroll to top of pageCtrl + Home
Scroll to bottom of pageCtrl + End
Switch to the next tabCtrl + Tab
Switch to the previous tabCtrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to the last tabCtrl + 9
Open favourites paneCtrl + I
Open reading list paneCtrl + M
History paneCtrl + H
Download paneCtrl + J

Search Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Select the address barCtrl + L
Open webpage or URLCtrl + Shift + L
Open search query in the address barCtrl + E
Find pageCtrl + F

View Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Stop loading the pageEsc
Refresh the pageCtrl + R or F5
Toggle reading view on or offCtrl + Shift + R
25% Zoom inCtrl + +
25% Zoom outCtrl + –
Reset zoom levelCtrl + 0

Developer Tools Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Select elementCtrl + B
Color pickerCtrl + K
DebugCtrl + J
Export as HARCtrl + S
Import profiling sessionCtrl + O
Export profiling sessionCtrl + S

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All of the above Microsoft Edge shortcuts will help you to get things, share things easily, read and discover, and much more. Most of the above shortcuts are similar to Internet Explorer shortcuts.

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