101 Best LibreOffice Writer Shortcuts

LibreOffice Writer Shortcuts - hotkeys

LibreOffice Writer shortcuts are used across various platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Windows. Millions of people across the world use these shortcut keys. You can also use these shortcut keys to unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity.

List of LibreOffice Writer Shortcuts

This article is basically to let you use LibreOffice Writer without requiring a mouse or touchpad by using the LibreOffice Writer shortcuts. Below there is a default set of lists of LibreOffice Writer Shortcuts. You can even download the LibreOffice Writer Shortcuts in the PDF format.

General Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Select all Ctrl + A
Justify Ctrl + J
Underline Ctrl + D
Find and Replace Ctrl + H
Superscript Ctrl + Shift + P
Subscript Ctrl + Shift + B
Align Left Ctrl + L
Align Right Ctrl + R
Align Center Ctrl + E
Redo last action Ctrl + Y
Calculate the selected text Ctrl + +
Non-breaking hyphen Ctrl + Shift + –
Run macro field Ctrl + *
Non-breaking spaces Ctrl + Shift + Space
Line break without para change Shift + Enter
Manual page break Ctrl + Enter
Column break Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Insert a new paragraph Alt + Enter

Formatting Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Apply Text body paragraph style Ctrl + 0
Apply Heading 1 paragraph style Ctrl + 1
Apply Heading 2 paragraph style Ctrl + 2
Apply Heading 3 paragraph style Ctrl + 3
Apply Heading 4 paragraph style Ctrl + 4
Apply Heading 5 paragraph style Ctrl + 5

Navigation shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Move cursor to left
Move cursor with slection to the left Shift + ←
Go to beginning of word Ctrl + ←
Selecting to the left word by word Ctrl + Shift + ←
Move cursor to right
Move cursor with selection to the right Shift + →
Go to start of next word Ctrl + →
selecting to te right word by word Ctrl + Shift + →
Move cursor up one line
Selecting lines in an upwards direction Shift + ↑
Move cursor to beginning of the previous paragraph Ctrl + ↑
Select to beginning of paragraph Ctrl + Shift + ↑
Move cursor down one line
Selecting lines in a downward direction Shift + ↓
Move cursor to beginning of the next paragraph Ctrl + ↓
Select to end of paragraph Ctrl + Shift + ↓
Go to beginning of line Home
Go and select to the beginning of a line Home + Shift
Go to end of line End
Go and select to end of line End + Shift
Go to start of the document Ctrl + Home
Go and select text to start of document Ctrl + Home + Shift
Go to end of document Ctrl + End
Go and select text to end of document Ctrl + End + Shift
Insert mode on or off Insert
Screen page up Page Up
Move up screen page with selection Shift + Page Up
Move down screen page Page Down
Move down screen pahe with selection Shift + Page Down

Delete Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Delete text to end of word Ctrl + Delete
Delete text to beginning of word in a list Ctrl + Backspace
Delete text to end of sentence Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Delete text to beginning of sentence Ctrl + Shift + Backspace

Function keys shortcuts

Action Shortcut Keys
Formula bar F2
Insert fields Ctrl + F2
Complete autotext F3
Edit autotext Ctrl + F3
Open data sources view F4
Select next frame Shift + F4
Navigator on or off F5
Spellcheck F7
Thesaurus Ctrl + F7
extension mode F8
Field shadings on or off Ctrl + F8
Additional selection mode Shift + F8
Block selection mode Ctrl + Shift + F8
Update fields F9
Show fields Ctrl + F9
Calculate table Shift + F9
Update input fields and input lists Ctrl + Shift + F9
Non-printing characters on or off Ctrl + F10
Styles and Formatting window on or off F11
Create style Shift + F11
Set focus to apply style box Ctrl + F11
Update style Ctrl + Shift + F11
Numbering on F12
Insert or edit table Ctrl + F12
Bullets on Shift + F12
Numbering/Bullets off Ctrl + Shift + F12

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