Learn Everything about Google Sheets in Detail

A spreadsheet program offered by Google is known as Google Sheet. This program is based on the web that is located in the Google Drive service. You can find Google sheet as a web application, desktop application, and mobile application for iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows. The functioning of this software is very similar to Microsoft Excel file format.

Google Sheets Guide – Google Sheets Tutorial

Benefits of Google Sheets

  • Google Sheets is the ideal software for those individuals who are working on the same project without coordinating their daily schedules.
  • It can be edited and shared with multiple individuals at a time with the utilization of the internet.
  • Accessed from anywhere anytime using any computer or mobile device which is connected to the internet.
  • Resolves storage issues as it has been saved online.
  • It is a free software offered by Google.
  • Everything you write on Google Sheets is saved automatically.

Difference between Google Sheet vs. MS Excel

# Google Sheet MS Excel
Price Google sheet is available free of cost. Microsoft Excel is not available to free of cost. Online version i.e. Microsoft 365 you need to pay $8.25 per month.
Collaboration Google Sheet is a favorable application for collaboration. MS Excel has not preferred an application for collaboration as compared to Google Sheet.
Easy to use Google sheet is a bit complicated as compared to MS Excel. MS Excel is very easy to use.
Save document In the google sheet, you do not need to save the document. It is saved automatically. In MS Excel, you need to save the spreadsheet manually.
Owned by Google Sheet is developed by Google. MS Excel is a Microsoft designed product.
Internet connection Google sheet requires an internet connection to perform and save the activities. There is no requirement of an internet connection in MS Excel.
Features Google Sheets have fewer features as compared to MS Excel. MS Excel has more features as compared to Google Sheets.
File-sharing File sharing is easier in the case of Google Sheets. The procedure to share files is more as compared to that of Excel.
Ability to Handle Google sheet has the ability to handle 5,000,000 cells. Which is much less in comparison to Microsoft Excel. MS Excel can handle cells up to 17,179,869,184 cell which is very much more in comparison to Google Sheet.

Common Terms to Know About Google Sheet

There are several common terms utilized in the Google Sheet that everyone must know before using it.

  • Column: The vertical cell sets of the Google Sheets are termed as Columns.
  • Row: The horizontal cell sets of the Google Sheets are known as Rows.
  • Cell: Within a Google Sheet, the single data points present are called the cell.
  • Range: An assortment of cells across a row or column or both are known as the range in Google Sheets.
  • Function: There are several built-in operations in the Google Sheets which can help in the easy calculation of values, manipulation of data, and many more. These built-in operations are known as Functions.
  • Formula: To get the end result, formulas are used which combine rows, cells, functions, ranges, and columns.

How to use Google Sheets?

Using of Google sheet is a big concept and to make it interesting to learn we have divided into small questions. As the tutorial progress, you will learn everything about the Google Sheet.

The interface of Google Sheet

In this tutorial, we have tried to help you learn the Google Sheet as an absolute beginner. First, we have tried to explain to you the interface of the Google Sheet. Learning the Interface of the Google sheet will help you to know the location of the tools and use those tools with most of the abilities.

Below is the image of the interface of the google sheet that will help you to identify the icons and the purpose of the toolbar.

Interface of Google Sheets

After the interface of the Google sheet is clear let’s have a step by step knowledge of how you can use each of the functions and the formula in your daily life.

How to Create a new Google Sheet?

There are several ways in which you can create a new spreadsheet

Method 1

Step 1: Click on the button “NEW” on the Google Drive Dashboard.

Step 2: Select the Google Sheet

Method 2

Step 1: Click on “File Option”

Step 2: Select New > Click on the Spreadsheet.

Create new Google Sheets by My e-Learning Hub

Method 3

In the Google sheet homepage, Click on “Blank Option” and select specific templates as required by you. These are the ways in which you can create a new spreadsheet. Check out Video on How to Create a New Google Spreadsheet?

Tip of the day:

Use the Keyboard Shortcuts CTRL + N, to create a new spreadsheet. Check out the complete list of Google Sheet Shortcuts.

How to Convert Excel into Google Spreadsheets?

Steps for converting Excel file into Google Spreadsheet are as follows:

Step 1: Click on the File

Step 2: Select Import. Import File dialog box pops-up. 

Step 3: Click on Upload and select the file you want to convert.

An Import file dialog box pops up which asks where would you like to import the Data.

There are 3 options that are available i.e. Create a new Spreadsheet, Insert new sheet and replace spreadsheet. Select any one option from the above mentioned.

Step 4: Here I have selected the option Insert New Sheets and Click on Import Data.

Import Excel file into Google Sheets by My e-Learning Hub

Wow! The Data has been imported into the google spreadsheet. It’s your turn now to try to use the above method. Check out Video on How to Import Excel File into Google Sheet.

Download Shortcuts PDF:

Navigate and work with Excel spreadsheets using the Excel Shortcut keys & cut down your working time. Also, Download the list of Excel Shortcut keys in PDF Form.

How to Share & Protect your Sheet?

Sharing and Protecting the Google Spreadsheet only occurs after you are done with preparing and working on your data. Below are the steps which will explain, how to share and protect the sheet along with the data.

To protect a file in the Google Spreadsheet:

Step 1: Click on Data option > Select Protect Sheets and Ranges.

Step 2: Choose from the two options: Range and Sheet. To select the Entire Data, select the Sheet option and Click on Set Permission. 

Step 3: Range Editing Permission dialog box Appears.

Step 4: Select show a warning when editing this range or put a restriction on who can edit the range.

Step 5: Click on DONE.

Protected Sheets & Ranges in Google Sheets by My e-Learning Hub

Hence, your Google Spreadsheet is now protected.

To share a file in the Google Spreadsheet:

Step 1: Go to the File Option > Click on Share or directly click on the Share button to the top – right corner of the spreadsheet.

Step 2: Enter the Email Address of the person with whom you wish to share the link of the spreadsheet.

Step 3: Select whether the assigned person can edit, Comment or only view the spreadsheet.

Share file with others in Google Sheets by My e-Learning Hub

Step 4: Click on advanced Option if you wish to select Additional Privacy needed.

Step 5: Click on done and your Google spreadsheet file has been shared.

How to Organize the Data?

Organizing data in the Google Sheets is the most crucial part when the number of assignments increases. 

Follow these two simple steps in order to organize your data:

Step 1: Select or highlight the Entire data using by using the Google shortcut Ctrl + A.

Step 2: Go to the Data Tab > Select Sort Range option.

This will lead to your data getting organized in an A – Z manner.

Download Shortcuts PDF:

Google sheet shortcuts are not only helpful but also powerful enough to increase the speed of the workflow. Download Google Sheet Shortcuts in PDF.

How to Hide Rows & Columns in Google Sheets?

When you wish to make some of your data Invisible, you don’t need to delete the data. You can simply hide those data. Here let us have a look as to how you can hide and unhide a single Row/Column or Multiple Rows/Columns in the Google Sheet.

To Hide a Single Column in the Google spreadsheet

Step 1: Right-click on the column letter at the top of the spreadsheet. oClick on the Drop-down menu on the column letter at the top of the spreadsheet.

Step 2: Click on Hide Column.

To Hide a Multiple Column in the Google spreadsheet

Step 1: Click on the first column you want to hide and drag till the last column you wish to hide. or Click on the first column and press the SHIFT key on the keyboard and click on the last column you wish to hide.

Step 2: Right-Click and select the Hide Column “B-F”. Here “B-F” refers to the names of the columns which are selected to hide.

Hide Single & Multiple Column in google Sheets by My e-Learning Hub

Hence, carrying out these two steps will make you hide multiple columns at a go.

Above you have seen how can you hide a single column or multiple columns in Google Spreadsheet? Likewise, you can hide a single row or multiple rows in the spreadsheet. Instead of selecting the column you select rows.

Tip of the day:

The shortcut to hide Columns is Ctrl + 0. It is the same shortcut we used while hiding columns in Microsoft Excel. Check out the Excel Shortcuts here.

How to Unhide Rows & Columns in Google Sheets?

Having known how to Hide Rows/Columns in Google Sheet. Have a look at how you can Unhide those hidden rows and columns.

In order to Unhide Rows/Columns simply press the arrow icon that appears at the top of the spreadsheet (to unhide columns) and to the left of the spreadsheet (to unhide rows).

How to Freeze Rows & Columns in Google Sheets?

To freeze rows and columns in a Google Sheet, you have to choose the cell present below the rows and for columns, select the right of the columns respectively.

To Freeze Rows:

Step 1: Select the cell below the row you want to freeze

Step 2: Click on View Option > Freeze > Select the convenient option from the option available to freeze rows.

To Freeze Column:

Step 1: Select the cell which is to the right of the column you want to select.

Step 2: Click on View Option > Freeze > Select the Convenient option from the option available to freeze columns.

How to Freeze Rows & Columns in Google Sheets by My e-Learning Hub

Follow these steps and you will be able to freeze rows and columns both in a single spreadsheet. To have a look at a short video on how to freeze Rows and Column in Google sheet.

How to Filter Data in Google Sheets?

In order to filter the data in the Google Sheet follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the range of data you want to apply the filter to.

Step 2: Click on Data Option > Click on Create a filter.

On clicking at the filtered icon, You can see a range of options.

How to use Conditional Formatting in Google Sheet?

Without using a Pivot Table, Charts and any other function to summarize your data. There is a Conditional Formatting function in Google Sheet that will help you to summarize the data. Conditional Formatting allows you to change the aspect of the firm. 

Steps to use Conditional Formatting in Google Sheet are as follow:

Step 1: Open the Google spreadsheet and select the cells you want to apply the format.

Step 2: Click Format > Click on Conditional Formatting.

Step 3: Conditional Formatting toolbar opens to the right. Create your own Rule.

Single Color: In the Single Color, select the range you want to apply format. Select the Condition in the Format if section. And then apply the formatting style.

Color Scale: In the Color Scale, the basic color will be applied to the range of cells, but the color differs on the basis of intensity. That is, MinPoint, MidPoint, and MaxPoint.

Step 4: Click on DONE.

Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets by My e-Learning Hub

How to run Macros in Google Sheet?

Macros in google sheets save a lot of time and are a powerful feature in Google sheet.

Steps to run Macros in Google Sheets are:

Step 1: Click on Tools > Select Macros > Click on Record Macros.

Step 2: Select the reference you want the macro to use: Absolute Reference or Relative Reference.

Step 3: Click on Save, after you are done with the task of recording the macro.

Step 4: Name the Macro and assign a custom shortcut and click on Save.

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As said earlier, you will learn about Google Sheet as a beginner and I think enough justice has been done. We did see what are the benefits of using Google Sheet, the difference between MS Excel and Google Sheet, How to create a new spreadsheet, freeze column and rows, hide and unhide columns and rows and much more. Stay with us to help you learn more about Google Sheet.

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