Important Google Drive Shortcuts That You Should Know

Get the List of all Google Drive shortcuts and become the master of your work. As everyone uses Google drive and they want to navigate it as efficiently as possible by using the keyboard shortcuts.

Google provides many shortcuts for its services like Google Sheets Shortcuts, Gmail Shortcuts Etc. Google cloud storage is the best cloud storage not only it provides 15 GB of storage but also it provides many other office tools. Also, it gets better when you know all the important Google Drive Shortcuts.

Create Actions in Google Drive

ActionShortcut Keys
Create a new folderShift + F
Create a new PresentationShift + P
Create a new SpreadsheetShift + S
Create a new DocumentShift + T

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Navigation Actions in Google Drive

ActionShortcut Keys
Open the More Actions menu for the currently selected itemA
Open the New Item menuC
Toggle the Details PaneD
Open the Folder actions menuF
Toggle the Activity PaneI
Open the Sort menuR
Open the Settings menuT
Switch between grid and list viewsV
Jump to Google Drive search bar/

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General Actions in Google Drive

ActionShortcut Keys
Rename selected itemN
Star or unstar selected itemS
Move selected item to another folderZ
Open selected itemEnter
Share selected itemPeriod
Delete selected itemShift + 3
Select all visible itemsShift + A
Clear all selectionsShift + N
Open list of all shortcutsShift + /
FindCtrl + F
PrintCtrl + P
Undo last actionCtrl + Z
Redo last undone actionCtrl + Shift + Z

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Selection Actions in Google Drive

ActionShortcut Keys
Select next item belowDown Arrow
Select next item to the leftLeft Arrow
Select next item to the rightRight Arrow
Select next item aboveUp Arrow
Include next item below in current selectionShift + Down Arrow
Include next item to the left in current selectionShift + Left Arrow
Include next item to the right in current selectionShift + Right Arrow
Include next item above in current selectionShift + Up Arrow

So, this is the list of Google Drive Shortcut Keys For Windows users. Almost Every Shortcut Keys and Function Keys are covered in the above Shortcuts Table. Try to Practise these Google Drive Shortcuts while doing your work. In this manner, you will easily remember the shortcuts of Google Drive

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