100+ GIMP Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Just like Photoshop Shortcuts, GIMP Shortcuts comes with a pack of keyboard shortcuts that will help you to edit images more quickly and effectively. Choosing between Photoshop shortcuts and GIMP Shortcuts is always going to be a tough option. GIMP is 100% free and you can do what can be done with Photoshop.

List of GIMP Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

This tutorial offers you a list of GIMP Shortcuts for Linux devices. A better option for Linux Device because Photoshop is not a valid option. Download the PDF of GIMP Shortcuts! GIMP shortcut keys pdf! 


General Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Color pickerOO
Default colorsDD
Swap colorsXX
MeasureShift + MShift + M
ToolboxCtrl + BCommand + B
Context sensitive helpShift + F1Shift + F1
Repeat last pluginCtrl + FCommand + F
PluginCtrl + Shift + FCommand + Shift + F

Edit Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
UndoCtrl + ZCommand + Z
RedoCtrl + YCommand + Y
CutCtrl + XCommand + X
CopyCtrl + CCommand + C
PasteCtrl + VCommand + V
Visible copyCtrl + Shift + CCommand + Shift + C
Paste as new imageCtrl + Shift + VCommand + Shift + V
Fill with forground colorCtrl + ,Command + ,
Fill with Background colorCtrl + .Command + .
Fill with patternCtrl + ;Command + ;

Layer Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
New layerCtrl + Shift + NCommand + Shift + N
Create a Duplicate layerCtrl + Shift + DCommand + Shift + D
Anchor layerCtrl + HCommand + H
Select previous layerPage UpPage Up
Select next layerPage DownPage Down
Select Top layerHomeHome
Select bottom layerEndEnd

Select Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Select allCtrl + ACommand + A
Select noneCtrl + Shift + ACommand + Shift + A
Invert selectionCtrl + ICommand + I
Create a floating selectionCtrl + Shift + LCommand + Shift + L
Select by colorShift + OShift + O
Select from pathShift + VShift + V
Toggle Quick MaskShift + QShift + Q

File Operations GIMP Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
New imageCtrl + NCommand + N
Create a new imageCtrl + Shift + VCommand + Shift + V
Open imageCtrl + OCommand + O
Open as layersCtrl + Alt + OCommand + Option + O
Save imageCtrl + SCommand + S
Save asCtrl + Shift + SCommand + Shift + S
PrintCtrl + PCommand + P
CloseCtrl + WCommand + W
Close allCtrl + Shift + WCommand + Shift + W

View Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Reduce image windowCtrl + ECommand + E
Toggle fullscreen viewF11F11
Show selectionCtrl + TCommand + T
Show guidesCtrl + Shift + TCommand + Shift + T
Show RulersCtrl + Shift + RCommand + Shift + R

Image Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Duplicate ImageCtrl + DCommand + D
Merge visible layersCtrl + MCommand + M
Display image propertiesAlt + EnterOption + Return

Selection Tools Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Rectangle selectRR
Ellipse selectEE
free selectFF
Fuzzy selectUU
Intelligent scissorsII

Paint Tools Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Bucket fillShift + BShift + B
EraserShift + EShift + E
BlurShift + UShift + U

Transform Tools Shortcuts

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
CropShift + CShift + C
RotateShift + RShift + R
ScaleShift + TShift + T
SherShift + SShift + S
PerpectiveShift + PShift + P
FlipShift + FShift + F

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Above you saw was the list of GIMP shortcuts for Windows & Mac. However, if you have used Photoshop shortcuts a lot and what to configure the same to GIMP Shortcuts you can manually edit the shortcuts. All the Photoshop shortcuts keys that you love are now available in GIMP.

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) offers free image editing and tool to edit essential images. GIMP is available for free for most of the operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple Max OS X, and Linux. Check out the most popular Windows keyboard shortcuts.

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