Top 30 Firebug Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Firebug shortcuts will help you to view nearly everything about the requests in Firefox. This article is specially designed to make you familiar with the shortcuts in order to accomplish your task faster.

List of Firebug Shortcuts

There are a lot of Firebug shortcuts in order to make working with Firebug easier and to get a faster experience of it. Below I have tried to list down the shortcuts into two parts. The first part is the shortcut for opening each tool whereas the second part lists the shortcuts that are applicable to the toolbox. Download the Firebug shortcuts PDF form.


Script Panel Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Step overF10F10
Step intoF11F11
Step outShift + F11Shift + F11
Next function on the stackCommand + .Ctrl + .
Previous function on stackCommand + ,Ctrl + ,
Focus scripts location menuCommand + SpacebarCtrl + Spacebar
Focus watch side panelCommand + Shift + NCtrl + Shift + N

CSS Panel Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Jump to next fieldTabTab
Jump to the previous fieldShift + TabShift + Tab
Increase number by 1
Decrease number by 1
Increase number by 10Page UpPage Up
Decrease number by 10Page DownPage Down
Finish editingEnterEnter
Cancel editingEscEsc

HTML Panel Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
One line down
One line up
One node upCommand + ↓Ctrl + ↓
One node downCommand + ↑Ctrl + ↑
Collapse current node
Expand current node

Managing Firebug Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Open and Close firebugF12F12
Inspect modeCommand + Shift + CCtrl + Shift + C
Command linecommand + Shift + LCrl + Shift + L
Search boxCommand + Shift + KCtrl + Shift + K
Help pageF1F1

Firebug shortcuts used for Windows devices, MacOs devices, and Linux devices were listed down more transparently.

I hope the above list of Firebug shortcuts has been useful to you. Firebug is a Firefox web browser add-on to develop and debug their websites. But most recently, almost every web browser has developed its own set of tools. Chrome web browsers are using the Developers tool, and the Opera web browser are using the Dragonfly tool as so on.

Hope you have liked our blog on Firebug Shortcuts for windows & mac. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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