Civic 5 Hotkeys | Civilization V Keyboard Shortcuts

A Civic 5 hotkey guide to help you find every key used in Civilization V. Civilization 5, also known as civic 5, is a multi-player video game. Keyboard shortcuts play a significant role while playing the multi-player as well as the strategy games.

List of Civic 5 Hotkeys

With Civic 5 hotkeys you can see a big difference in playing the game. Here the hotkeys help you a lot more because you are short of time while playing in strategy games. Instead of using the mouse for each move which ultimately slows you down use the Civic 5 hotkeys. Download the Civic 5 hotkeys in PDF form.



General Shortcuts

Economic infoF2
Military infoF3
Diplomacy infoF4
Social policies screenF5
Tech screenF6
Notification logF7
Victory progressF8
Strategic viewF10
Quick saveF11
Quick loadF12
Hex gridG
End turnEnter
Next unit.
Previous unit,
Zoom inPage up
Zoom outPage Down
Show resources iconsCtrl + R
Yield iconsY
Game optionsCtrl + O
SaveCtrl + S
LoadCtrl + L

Action hotkeys

ActionShortcut Keys
Delete unitDelete
AttackCtrl + A
RangedCtrl + B
Set up artilleryS
Fortify until healedH

Unit hotkeys

ActionShortcut Keys
Move modeM
Do nothingSpacebar

Civilian unit hotkeys

ActionShortcut keys
Found cityB
Build improvementsA
Construct a Road or RailroadR
Route to modeAlt + R
Remove a jungleAlt + C
Trading postT
Create a wallO
Lumber millL
Fishing boatsF
Offshore platformO
Cancel last missionBackspace

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Code Editor: Download NetBeans Shortcuts PDF

Note: You can change the Civic 5 Shortcuts by going in the setting menu.

Since a lot of people search for Civic 5 Shortcut keys, I thought of sharing a list of it. The other games which are similar to Civic 5 also deal with hotkeys. Widelands hotkeys, Tanks of Freedom hotkeys, Endless Legend Hotkeys are some of the similar Civic 5 multi-player gaming.

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