59 Best Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts Mac

Download Photoshop Shortcuts PDF NOW. Everyone in today’s world wants to move faster and expect to do smart work rather than hard work.  When it comes to Photoshop, you can achieve your target easily and quickly only if you know Photoshop shortcuts Mac or Photoshop Shortcuts Windows.

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Photoshop Shortcuts Mac list

We all want to edit quickly, add elements, export swiftly, without wasting a minute, and spend as little time as possible searching menus and trying to remember where something is located. For those who know and use keyboard shortcuts, their fingers rarely leave the keyboard other than to move their mouse or tablet pen.

The more Photoshop shortcuts Mac you can learn, the more intuitive this virtually limitless program becomes. To help you make the most of your Photoshop experience and master the tools available, we’ve put together a list of the top time-saving Photoshop Mac shortcut keys pdf.


General Photoshop Shortcuts Mac

ActionShortcut Keys
PreferenceCommand + K
File menuOption + F
Edit menuOption + E
Image menuOption + I
Layer menuOption + L
Select menuOption + S
Filter menuOption + T
3D menuOption + D
Window menuOption + W
Show keyboard shortcuts menuCommand + Option + Shift + K

File Basics Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
New fileCommand + N
Open fileCommand + O
Open/Browse in CC bridgeCommand + Option + O
CloseCommand + W
Close allCommand + Option + W
SaveCommand + S
Save asCommand + Option + S
Revert to last saved stateF12
Export asCommand + Option + Shift + W
Save for webCommand + Option + Shift + S
File infoCommand + Option + Shift + I
PrintCommand + P
Print one copyOption + Shift + Command + P
Quick PhotoshopCommand + Q

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Adobe Photoshop is an editing tool developed for photos and graphics by Adobe that runs on Windows and macOS. When you install, and open Photoshop, a sidebar with a variety of tools with multiple image-editing functions are displayed to the left of the screen. These tools are from the categories of drawing; painting; measuring and navigation; selection; typing; and retouching.

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