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Do you know about Maya Shortcuts? Autodesk Maya due to its various functions is very complex software. Only a very well versatile artist would dare to work with Autodesk Maya. To make this complex software easy, start learning is based on the function you need every day.

List of Autodesk Maya Shortcuts

Autodesk Maya does provide a list of shortcuts but here it is classified to make it more easy and comfortable in learning. Below is the list of Maya shortcuts classified into Navigation Shortcuts, Manipulators shortcuts, Command shortcuts, and many more. Download these Maya shortcuts in the PDF form.

General Tools Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Complete current toolEnter
Enter tool edit modeInsert
Component marking menuShift + Q
Ploygon marking menuAlt + Q
Selection Mask marking menuQ
Move tool marking menuW
Rotate tool marking menuE
Scale tool marking menuR
Show universal manipulator toolCtrl + T
Show manipulator toolT

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Edit Operation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
CopyCtrl + C
CutCtrl + X
PasteCtrl + V
RedoShift + Z
Repeat command at mouse positionShift + G
DuplicateCtrl + D
Duplicate SpecialCtrl + Shift + D
Duplicate with TransformShift + D
GroupCtrl + G
UnparentShift + P

File Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
New SceneCtrl + N
Open SceneCtrl + O
Save SceneCtrl + S
Save scene asCtrl + Shift + S
ExitCtrl + Q
Create file referenceCtrl + R

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View Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Show allA
Show selectedF
Rough display1
Medium display2
Smooth display3
Wireframe display4
Shaded display5
Shaded and textured display6
Display with lights7

Playback Control Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Move forward one frame in timeAlt + .
Move backward one frame in timeAlt + ,
Go to next key.
Go to previous key,
Turn playback on or offAlt + V
Go to Min frameAlt + Shift + V

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Interfaces – Maya Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Switches between AttributeCtrl + A
Frame all in active panelA
Frame all in all viewsShift + A
Frame selected in acive panelF
Frame selected in all viewsShift + F
Switch between the active windowSpace
Switch between the standard viewCtrl + Space
Redo view change]
Undo view change[
Switch between a background colorAlt + B
View previous layoutShift + {
View next layoutShift + }
Maya HelpF1
Show or Hide main menu barCtrl + M
Show or Hide panel menu barShift + M
Show or Hide panel toolbarCtrl + Shift + M
Show Animation menu setF2
Show Polygons menu setF3
Show Modeling menu setF4
Show Dynamics menu setF5
Show rendering menu setF6

Tool and Action Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Select toolQ
Move toolW
Rotate toolE
Scale toolR
Show manipulator toolT
Universal manipulatorCtrl + T
Last tool usedY
RedoShift + Z
Repeat last actionG
UnparentShift + ]
Set keyS
Attribute editorCtrl + A

Display Hotkeys

ActionShortcut Keys
Hide selectionCtrl + H
Show selectionShift + H
Show last hiddenCtrl + Shift + H
Hide unselected objectsAlt + H
Show isolate selectedShift + L
Default quality display setting0
Rough quality display setting1
Medium quality display setting2
Smooth quality display setting3
shading wireframe4
Shaded display5
Shaded and textured display6

Rendering Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Render view next imageCtrl + ←
Render view previous imageCtrl + →

Selection Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Select Object or ComponentF8
Select VertexF9
Select EdgeF10
Select FaceF11
Select UVF12
Select Vertex faceAlt + F9

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Just like shortcut keys play a vital role while working with any software. Maya shortcuts here to play a vital role in speeding up the workflow. There are various other alternatives for 3D tools like Blender Shortcut keys, 3D Max but Maya shortcuts still dominate the 3D industry.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time in finishing the task assigned, you must try Autodesk Maya shortcuts to get you out. The above is the Autodesk Maya Hotkeys for efficient rigging and animation.

Hope you have liked our blog on Autodesk Maya Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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