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Learn Amazon Kindle Shortcuts here. Amazon Kindle e-reader is pretty easy to use. Even though it is easy to use, Amazon Kindle has some fantastic shortcuts, as well as tips and tricks that would make your reading with Kindle easy.

What is Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is an e-book that allows its users to download new books directly to the machine itself. It is an online book store that provides new books to its users.

Amazon Kindle Shortcuts for Readers

With the Amazon Kindle in mind, you always thought it as an electronic reading book. But it is not that, with Amazon Kindle shortcuts you can do many more amazing things. Like Take screenshots, share content, send documents, read articles, convert documents into Kindle, Play games, let kindle read it for you, and many more. Download this Amazon Kindle Shortcuts in PDF form.

General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Go to HomeCtrl + Alt + L
Quit applicationCtrl + Q
Move focus to next enabled controlTab

Library Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Move the focus to the book above the current selection
Move the focus of the book to the right the current selection
Move the focus of the book to the left the current selection
Move the focus to the book below the current selection
Scroll the list of books up one pagePage Up
Scroll the list of books down one pagePage Down
Open selected book to last page readCtrl + Enter + O
Sort by most recentCtrl + Alt + R
Sort by titleCtrl + Alt + T
Sort by authorCtrl + Alt + U

Text-To-Speech Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Toggle Text to speechCtrl + T
Pause/Resume readingSpacebar
Read the previous sentenceCtrl + Shift + ↑
Skip forward one sentenceCtrl + Shift + ↓
Increase speech rateShift + +
Decrease speech rateShift + –
Toggle continuous readingCtrl + Shift + C

Book Reading Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Next pagePage Down
Previous pagePage Up
Zoom fontCtrl + +
Zoom out fontCtrl + –
BookmarkCtrl + D
Open or Close notes and marksCtrl + B
Close bookCtrl + W
SearchCtrl + F
Toggle full screen modeF11
Exit full screen modeEsc
Open flash card side panelCtrl + Shift + F
Flip flashcardCtrl + Spacebar
Export to flashcard from notebookCtrl + Shift + N
Export notes from notebookCtrl + Alt + E

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It would be personal advice to learn these shortcuts as they are few and also easy to remember. Learning these shortcuts will make reading the eBook fun. You can also set up Amazon Kindle with Siri. i.e. iOS devices. Check out the Safari shortcuts. Amazon Kindle tips will improve the Kindle experience, to the active Kindle users.

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