Alt Key Codes For Windows | Type Special Characters on Windows

You can type many characters that you don’t see on your keyboard. By using your Alt Key Codes you can type many special characters on your PC. 

Every special Character has different Alt Key Codes. Also, some Alt Key Codes may not function on some PC because of the old Operating System. 

List of Common Alt Key Codes For Special Characters

Alt Key Codes can be classified into many types. So in this article, I will show you all the Alt Key Codes that are used for different Special Characters.

Alt Key Codes For Emoji

The first 31 alt codes are dedicated to fun characters like happy faces, arrows, and other common symbols:

Alt Key CodesSymbols
Alt 1
Alt 2
Alt 3
Alt 4
Alt 5
Alt 6
Alt 7
Alt 8
Alt 9
Alt 10
Alt 11
Alt 12
Alt 13
Alt 14
Alt 15
Alt 16
ALt 17
Alt 18
Alt 19
Alt 20
Alt 21§
Alt 22
Alt 23
Alt 24
Alt 25
Alt 26
Alt 27
Alt 28
Alt 29
Alt 30
Alt 31

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Alt Codes For Upper Case Letters, Lower Case Letters, Numbers, and Keyboard Symbols 

Alt codes 32 to 126 are dedicated to these keys. And yes, Alt 32 is the space character.

Alt Key CodesSymbols
Alt 32
Alt 33!
Alt 34
Alt 35#
Alt 36$
Alt 37%
Alt 38&
Alt 39
Alt 40(
Alt 41)
Alt 42*
Alt 43+
Alt 44,
Alt 45
Alt 46.
Alt 47/
Alt 480
Alt 491
Alt 502
Alt 513
Alt 524
Alt 535
Alt 546
Alt 557
Alt 56 8
Alt 579
Alt 58:
Alt 59;
Alt 60<
Alt 61=
Alt 62>
Alt 63?
Alt 64@
Alt 65A
Alt 66B
Alt 67C
Alt 68D
Alt 69E
Alt 70F
Alt 71G
Alt 72H
Alt 73I
Alt 74J
Alt 75K
Alt 76L
Alt 77M
Alt 78N
Alt 79O
Alt 80P
Alt 81Q
Alt 82R
Alt 83S
Alt 84T
Alt 85U
Alt 86V
Alt 87W
Alt 88X
Alt 89Y
Alt 90Z
Alt 91[
Alt 92\
Alt 93]
Alt 94^
Alt 95_
Alt 96`
Alt 97a
Alt 98b
Alt 99c
Alt 100d
Alt 101e
Alt 102f
Alt 103g
Alt 104h
Alt 105i
Alt 106j
Alt 107k
Alt 108l
Alt 109m
Alt 110n
Alt 111o
Alt 112p
Alt 113q
Alt 114r
Alt 115s
Alt 116t
Alt 117u
Alt 118v
Alt 119w
Alt 120x
Alt 121y
Alt 122z
Alt 123{
Alt 124|
Alt 125}
Alt 126~

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Alt Codes For Currency

The next few Alt codes are focused on currencies, with a few Spanish-specific characters as well. 

Alt Key CodesSymbols
Alt 127
Alt 155¢
Alt 156£
Alt 157¥
Alt 158
Alt 159ƒ
Alt 164ñ
Alt 165Ñ
Alt 166ª
Alt 167º
Alt 168¿
Alt 169®
Alt 170¬
Alt 171½
Alt 172¼
Alt 173¡
Alt 174«
Alt 175»

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Alt Codes for Mathematical Symbols and Other Non-English Characters

If you’re just trying to send a mathematical expression through an instant message, these alt codes can come in hand.

Alt Key CodesSymbols
Alt 224α
Alt 225ß
Alt 226Γ
Alt 227π
Alt 228Σ
Alt 229σ
Alt 230µ
Alt 231τ
Alt 232Φ
Alt 233Θ
Alt 234
Alt 235δ
Alt 236
Alt 237φ
Alt 238ε
Alt 239
Alt 240
Alt 241±
Alt 242
Alt 243
Alt 244
Alt 245
Alt 247
Alt 248°
Alt 249·
Alt 250·
Alt 251
Alt 252
Alt 254
Alt 255
Alt 0128
Alt 0130
Alt 0132
Alt 0133
Alt 0134
Alt 0135
Alt 0137
Alt 0138Š
Alt 0139
Alt 0140Œ
Alt 0142Ž
Alt 0145
Alt 0146
Alt 0147
Alt 0148
Alt 0151
Alt 0153
Alt 0154š
Alt 0155
Alt 0156œ
Alt 0158ž
Alt 0159Ÿ
Alt 0164¤
Alt 0166¦
Alt 0168¨
Alt 0169©
Alt 0175¯
Alt 0178²
Alt 0179³
Alt 0180´
Alt 0183·
Alt 0184¸
Alt 0185¹
Alt 0188¼
Alt 0189½
Alt 0190¾
Alt 0192À
Alt 0193Á
Alt 0194Â
Alt 0195Ã
Alt 0196Ä
Alt 0197Å
Alt 0198Æ
Alt 0199Ç
Alt 0200È
Alt 0201É
Alt 0202Ê
Alt 0203Ë
Alt 0204Ì
Alt 0205Í
Alt 0206Ï
Alt 0207Ï
Alt 0208Ð
Alt 0210Ò
Alt 0211Ó
Alt 0212Ô
Alt 0213Õ
Alt 0214Ö
Alt 0215×
Alt 0216Ø
Alt 0217Ù
Alt 0218Ú
Alt 0219Û
Alt 0220Ü
Alt 0221Ý
Alt 0222Þ
Alt 0223ß
Alt 0224à
Alt 0225á
Alt 0226â
Alt 0227ã
Alt 0228ä
Alt 0229å
Alt 0230æ
Alt 0231ç
Alt 0232è
Alt 0233é
Alt 0234ê
Alt 0235ë
Alt 0236ì
Alt 0237í
Alt 0238î
Alt 0239ï
Alt 0240ð
Alt 0242ò
Alt 0243ó
Alt 0244ô
Alt 0245õ
Alt 0246ö
Alt 0247÷
Alt 0248ø
Alt 0249ú
Alt 0250û
Alt 0251ü
Alt 0252ù
Alt 0253ý
Alt 0254þ
Alt 0255ÿ

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So, this is the list of Alt Key Codes for Windows. Almost Every Codes and Function Keys are covered in the above Alt Key Codes Table. Try to Practise these Alt Key Codes. In this manner, you will easily remember the Alt Key Codes.

Hope you have liked our blog on Alt Key Codes. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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