Most used Adobe Bridge Shortcuts – Windows & Mac

Learn Adobe Bridge Shortcuts for Windows and Mac. Adobe Bridge is also a part of the creative cloud. Software specially designed to manage files. Adobe Bridge software can be used to keep you and your team updated and organized. As the name itself suggest a bridge, that means a connection between you and your team.

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List of Adobe Bridge Shortcuts

Adobe Bridge will only be remembered when needed the most. In other words, it comes to the mind only when its demand is high. Below are the Adobe Bridge shortcuts that will help photographers, graphic artists, and many other creative professionals. Download the Adobe Bridge Shortcuts PDF.



ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
HelpF1Command + /
Show/Hide PanelsTabTab
Next viewCtrl + Command +
Previous viewCtrl + Shift + Command + Shift +
Switch between 0 to 1 star ratingCtrl + ‘Command + ‘
Increase Thumbnail sizeCtrl + +Command + +
Decrease Thumbnail sizeCtrl + –Command + –
Step Thumbnail size upCtrl + Shift + +Command + Shift + +
Step Thumbnail size downCtrl + Shift + –Command + Shift + –
Move up a folder in panel or Row
Move down a folder in panel or Row
Move up a level in folders panelCtrl + ↑Command + ↑
Move left one item
Move Right one item

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Gen. Continued

ActionWindows ShortcutsMac Shortcuts
Move to First itemHomeHome
Move to last itemEndEnd
Refresh panelF5F5
Add item to selectionShift + Arrow keysShift + Arrow keys
Rename nextTabTab
Rename previousShift + TabShift + Tab
Clear filtersCtrl + Alt + ACommand + Option + A
Select inverse in filter panelAlt + ClickOption + Click
Zoom in with Loupe Tool++
Zoom out with Loupe Tool
Select all item in stackAlt + ClickOption + Click
Open Disclosure triangle in keyword panelCtrl + →Command + →
Close Disclosure triangle in keyword panelCtrl + ←Command + ←

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As seen above, all the Adobe Bridge shortcuts will help you to find, manage and organize the collections. Adobe Bridge not only manages the images but also Adobe Illustrator files. Check out the Adobe Illustrator here.

Overall Adobe Bridge is an accomplished solution to the problem and very powerful software. With the various features like Bulk imports and export, Drag and drop flexibility, Batch processing, Quick organization, Cache management, and many more. You will be able to save time, organize better and redistribute content precisely.

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