90+ Adobe Animate Shortcuts – Adobe Animate Shortcuts PDF

Most used Adobe Animate Shortcuts

Learn Adobe Animate Shortcuts. Earlier the animation lovers must have heard and used the Adobe Flash while working. But nowadays Adobe Flash is replaced by Adobe Animate CC. Animator nowadays uses Adobe Animate CC as it has added a wide range of advanced functions.

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Adobe Animate Shortcuts

Adobe Animate shortcuts will help you in saving time by selecting commands instantly instead of going through menus. The list of most used Adobe Animate Shortcuts Keys is as follows.

General Adobe Animate Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Import Image and Sound etc.Ctrl + R
Export to SWF and GIF etc.Ctrl + Shift + R
Open as libraryCtrl + Shift + O
Full Size ViewCtrl + 1
Show frameCtrl + 2
Show allCtrl + 3

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Adobe Animate Windows Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Modify Movie PropertiesCtrl + M
Show/Hide LibrariesCtrl + L
Toggle between edit movieCtrl + E
Show/Hide work areaCtrl + Shift + L
Show/Hide TimelineCtrl + Shift + W

Adobe Animate Edit and Modify Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut Keys
GroupCtrl + G
UngroupCtrl + U
Break ApartCtrl + B
Paste in placeCtrl + Shift + V
DuplicateCtrl + D
Select allCtrl + A
Deselect allCtrl + Shift + A
Align windowCtrl + K
Scale and RotateCtrl + Shift + S
Remove transformCtrl + Shift + Z
Move aheadCtrl + ↑
Move behindCtrl + ↓
Bring to frontCtrl + Shift + ↑
Send to backCtrl + Shift + ↓
Modify fontCtrl + T
Modify paragraphCtrl + Shift + T
Narrower letter spacingCtrl + ←
Wider letter spacingCtrl + →

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Other Adobe Animate Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Auto formats the editor codeCtrl + Shift + F
Remove rotation or scaling from the selected objectsCtrl + Shift + Z
Rotate the selection to 90 degrees leftCtrl + Shift + 7
Scale and/or rotate the selection using numeric valuesCtrl + Alt + S
Show hidden charactersCtrl + Shift + 8
Suppresses highlighting of selected itemsCtrl + Shift + E
Show or hide the pasteboard that surrounds the stageCtrl + Shift + W
Show or hide the rulersCtrl + Shift + Alt + R
Show Frame Script NavigatorCtrl + Alt + [
Show or hide the tweening shape hintsCtrl + Alt + I
Show or hide the Color panelCtrl + Shift + 5
Show or hide the Compiler Errors panelCtrl + Alt + 8
Show or change a list of the scenes in the current movieCtrl + Shift
Show or hide the animation timeline and layers controlsCtrl + Alt + T
Show a smaller area of the drawing with more detailCtrl + =
Show a larger area of the drawing with less detailCtrl + –
Show or hide the Align panelCtrl + K
Add Component WidgetsCtrl + 3
Show or hide the History panelCtrl + T
Show or change the properties and position of the selected objectCtrl + I
Show or hide the Library panel for this documentCtrl + L
Show or hide the Property InspectorCtrl + 9
Select colors from swatches and manage swatchesCtrl + 5
Show or hide the drawing toolbarCtrl + 8
Scale and/or rotate the selection using numeric valuesCtrl + T

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The Adobe Animate no doubt is very interesting and all the tools make it even more fun-loving. Learning all the above shortcuts will make your task easy in developing rich content such as audio, video, multimedia. But the main motive behind this is to make the animations faster, easier, and more productive.

Adobe Animate is considered as the cornerstone of its own success due to its amazing functionality. Check out the other amazing software of Adobe i.e. Adobe Audition Shortcuts.

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