List of 1Password Shortcuts For Windows

1Password is an application that allows you to store your important ID and Password of any website or any application. 1Password is one of the most secured Application and all your passwords are safe in there.

You can use your keyboard to accomplish many tasks on that normally require a mouse or trackpad.

List of 1Password Shortcut Keys For Windows

Global Shortcuts 

These are the basic shortcuts that a user must know while working with 1Password Application

ActionWindows Shortcut
Fill Login on current web page. Requires the 1Password extensionCtrl +
Show 1Password miniCtrl + Alt +

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1Password Application Shortcuts

All the shortcuts that 1Password application provides is as follows –

ActionWindows Shortcuts
Create a new item.Ctrl + N
Edit the selected item.Ctrl + E
Cancel an edit.Esc
Clear the search field.Esc
Save changes to an item.Ctrl + S
Move the selected item to the Trash.Ctrl + Delete
Show VaultsCtrl + D
Find ItemsCtrl + F
Reveal the selected password.Ctrl + R
Reveal all passwords in item detailsCtrl + Alt
View the selected password in large typeCtrl + L
Copy the selected item detail to the clipboard.Ctrl + C
Copy the username or password of the selected item to the clipboard.Ctrl + Shift + C
Select the previous item detailCtrl + ↑
Select the next item detail.Ctrl + ↓
Move the item detail up.Alt + ↑
Move the item detail down.Alt + ↓
Decrease the font size.Ctrl + –
Increase the font size.Ctrl + +
Reset the font size.Ctrl + 0
Sign in to a 1Password account.Ctrl + O
Lock 1Password.Windows + Shift + L

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1Password Mini Shortcuts 

All the Shortcuts for 1Password Mini Version are as follows –

ActionWindows Shortcuts
Find items.Ctrl + F
(zero)  Show vaults.Alt + 0
View your favorite items.Alt + 1
View all your items.Alt + 2
View Login items.Alt + 3
View Credit Card items.Alt + 4
View Identity items.Alt + 5
View Password items.Alt + 6
Select the next category in the sidebarCtrl + Tab
Select the previous category in the sidebar.Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Close 1Password mini.Esc
Clear the search field.Esc

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1Password Vault Mode

All the shortcuts that are used in the 1Password vault mode are as follows

ActionWindows Shortcut
Create new itemCtrl + I
Create new item in current categoryShift + Ctrl + I
Edit itemCtrl + E
Save itemCtrl + S
Duplicate itemCtrl + D
Copy passwordShift + Ctrl + C
Reveal all passwords in the item detailsEverything
Move item to TrashCtrl + Backspace
Empty TrashShift + Ctrl + Backspace
SearchCtrl + F
Manage vault (Administrators)Shift + Ctrl + M
Switch vaultsShift + Ctrl + 0 to Shift + Ctrl + 9

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So, this is the list of 1Password Shortcuts for Windows users. Almost Every Shortcut Keys and Function Keys are covered in the above Shortcuts Table. Try to Practise these 1Password Shortcuts while doing your work. In this manner, you will easily remember the shortcuts for 1Password Application.

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